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tiles torontoThere are an almost impossible number of choices to make when the time comes to renovate, remodel, or build your home. From doors to windows to flooring, trying to determine which products will give you the most for your money can be overwhelming. . Marble tiles on the floor, wall, or counter are an excellent consideration when choosing value for your dollars and they allow you to incorporate a beautiful piece of unique art into your everyday living that will last a lifetime! Let's compare marble to other types of materials that people use around the home.
Well-known and used in a vast majority of homes, wood is an old staple that in past years has been a cheap substitute for adding a touch of class. These days, with more people living in urban settings, pine floors begin to look at little less like the refined tastes of a modern business person and more like your Uncle Jack's log cabin in the forest. Wood is also highly susceptible to stains and damage and will hold onto liquids and dust for a very long time, causing potential problems down the road.
Wood is also a widely used material that may not reflect your individual uniqueness.
The traditional way of covering floors or kitchen backdrops since the 1950's, linoleum is quickly becoming outdated. Though some nice patterns are possible, generally this material is associated with lifelessness and is thought to be a little boring. It does wear well as far as spills and damage go, but it has a certain cheap look which will not carry over well into the coming years. As well, once a small tear is noticed, a large section or perhaps the entire covering will need to be replaced.
Although this stone has been used for thousands of years, it has retained its immense elegance and charm. Mostly known for being used by royalty and great artists of the past, the mind generally associates this material with a positive feeling. It comes in many natural brilliant tones and the minerals contained within the stone make exciting patterns that are completely unique. As it can also hold a stain very well, any colour of the rainbow is yours to choose from. When used as a tile backdrop in the kitchen or bathroom, or as a floor covering in any room, marble tiles can stand the test of time and fashion. Sprucing up marble can be as simple as a new polish and, since it goes with practically everything, you can alter the room as many times as you wish and still have people thinking your home looks like a palace.
Consider incorporating marble into your home today and make a rock-solid investment for tomorrow.